Ultra-Low Phase Noise 10/1000 MHz
Multiplied OCXO TRIXO-10-1000-ULN




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The TRIXO-10-1000 ULN is an oven controlled pair of two high performance crystal oscillators: a 10 MHz time base providing phase-lock to a 100 MHz quarz oscillator with an integrated x10 multiplier. While the 100 MHz oscillator provides a very low noise floor, the 10 MHz oscillator determines the optimum phase noise profile at close-in offsets and guarantees excellent frequency stability. The module features very clean multiplication close to the theoretical 20logN rule as well as high subharmonics suppression. The oscillator provides more than +15 dBm of output power and draws less than 500 mA in the steady state from a +15V power supply. It comes in a compact aluminum milled form-factor and operates over the frequency range of 0…+50°C.



Output Frequency 1000 MHz
Initial Setting Accuracy ±1E-9
Frequency Temperature Stability after warm-up ±1E-11 over the temperature range of 0…+50°C
Short-term Frequency Stability (Allan Deviation)
per 1 sec
Warm-up Time within Accuracy of ±5E-8 at 25°C <15 min.
Aging ±1E-8/year
 Output Power  +15 dBm (+17 dBm typ.)
Output Waveform sinusoidal
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Output VSWR <2:1
Harmonics <-40 dBc
Subharmonics <-70 dBc
  SSB Phase Noise Performance
Frequency offset Fm SSB Phase noise
Guaranteed Values Typical Values
1 Hz -55 dBc/Hz -60 dBc/Hz
10 Hz -75 dBc/Hz -80 dBc/Hz
100 Hz -115 dBc/Hz -120 dBc/Hz
1 kHz -140 dBc/Hz -144 dBc/Hz
10 kHz -150 dBc/Hz -155 dBc/Hz
100 kHz -155 dBc/Hz -158 dBc/Hz
Typical SSB Phase Noise Plot

Power Supply Voltage +15 V
Current Consumption 1200 mA (during warm-up)
<500 mA (after warm-up)
Operating Temperature Range 0...+50ºC
Dimensions Milled Aluminum Case 110 mm x 115 mm x 23 mm