YIGSYNT 200 is a high performance modular frequency synthesizer which operates over the frequency range from 160 MHz to 20 GHz with the frequency resolution as fine as 0.001 Hz. The module is built around a fundamental 10-20 GHz YTO (YIG tuned oscillator) which yields no subharmonic products with excellent broadband phase noise (<-140 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset from 10 GHz). But an even more important advantage of the YIGSYNT is its excellent phase noise at close-in offsets across the entire frequency range. This synthesizer uses a top-class grade A 100 MHz OCXO which in combination with a multi loop PLL technology enabled respectable phase noise performance of <-95/-124 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz/10 kHz offset from a 10 GHz carrier. The module uses an ingenious synthesis technique based on frequency multiplicity where all output frequencies are harmonically related to the reference frequency. This allows to guarantee spurs lower than -70 dBc in the main frequency band (10-20 GHz) and cut them 6 dB further down with each frequency division stage to a value of <-94 dBc in the 0.625-1.25 GHz frequency band. The YIGSYNT provides calibrated output power from -10 dBm to +10 dBm with less than +/-1 dB uncertainty and 0.5 dB adjustment step. Harmonics are lower than -30 dBc at the maximum rated output power. The module is intended for use in various communications and test systems where the spectral purity of the signal source is a primary concern. It is controlled via USB interface (the control software is included in the package). It comes in a robust aluminum milled case and operates over the frequency range of 0…+50°C. The module does need a heat sink.



Frequency Range 160 MHz — 20 GHz
Frequency Step 0.001 Hz
Reference Frequency Stability ±1E-8
Reference Frequency Aging ±1E-7/year
 Output Power Range  -10 dBm...+10 dBm
Output Power Uncertainty ±1 dB
Output Power Adjustment Step 0.05 dB
  SSB Phase Noise Performance
Frequency offset Fm Residual SSB Phase Noise
1 GHz Carrier 10 GHz Carrier
1 Hz -55 dBc/Hz -35 dBc/Hz
10 Hz -80 dBc/Hz -60 dBc/Hz
100 Hz -115 dBc/Hz -95 dBc/Hz
1 kHz -135 dBc/Hz -115 dBc/Hz
10 kHz -142 dBc/Hz -124 dBc/Hz
100 kHz -142 dBc/Hz -124 dBc/Hz
1 MHz -150 dBc/Hz -140 dBc/Hz


Spurs Frequency Band Spurious Level
10 — 20 GHz -70 dBc
5 — 10 GHz -76 dBc
2.5 — 5 GHz -82 dBc
1.25 — 2.5 GHz -88 dBc
0.625 — 1.25 GHz -94 dBc
0.16 — 0.625 GHz -100 dBc
Subharmonics -90 dBc
(at the maximum rated output power)
-30 dBc
Tuning Speed 5 ms (between any two frequencies)
Power Supply Voltage +18 V
Current Consumption 2400 mA
Operating Temperature Range 0...+50ºC
Input / Output Connectors RF OUT 2.92 mm (f), 10 MHz REF IN/OUT SMA (f)
Control Connector USB mini B (receptacle),
Power Supply Connector Molex-5031751000
Case and Dimensions Milled Aluminum Case 180 mm x 160 mm x 34 mm